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A fine selection to express the hidden feelings behind every woman: the porpuse of your favourite luxury fashion designers with their refined lines and desirable collections. Extend your love for life through the perfect look, Spinnaker is here to guide you into the special moments of your day: a floral dress for a thoughtless mediterranean vacation; a classic suit for the office day; a casual jeans and jumper look for the week-ends off.

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Chloe` | Dress

€ 1.385,25 excl.shipping

Prada | Dress Natte`

€ 1.393,44 excl.shipping

Blancha | Fur Coat

€ 1.909,84 excl.shipping

Prada | Skirt Leather

€ 1.721,31 excl.shipping

Fendi | Wool Cape

€ 2.540,98 excl.shipping

Prada | Dress Tulle

€ 1.598,36 excl.shipping

Prada | Coat Cashgora

€ 2.786,89 excl.shipping

Dolce Gabbana | Jacket

€ 1.516,39 excl.shipping

Herno | Down Jacket

€ 942,62
Min: € 55,00 Max: € 20.697,00
€55 €20697