Paris Fashion Week SS19: Gucci

Thursday, September 27, 2018

We need to talk about Gucci.


The age-old method of leaving the best ‘til last wasn’t part of the plan for this year’s Paris Fashion
Week. The event kicked off with none other than Dior and Gucci, both of which left us artfully
blown away and satisfied in completely different ways.

Alessandro Michele did it again, he took the weird, mixed it with the wonderful, added a bit of
‘what the ####’ and there we were, more hooked than ever, riding this wave of fashion-meets-reverse-psychology, jaws on the floor.

Gucci completed the 3-part ode to France by presenting the Spring/Summer 19 fashion show in Le Palace; an old nightclub in Monmartre, Paris.

The venue was chosen to reinforce the brand’s
underground vibe, ‘underground’ to Michele being Mickey Mouse heads, a cockatoo, Dolly Parton
and GG Y-fronts, naturally.

While we’re waiting to get our hands on the SS19 Collection why not check out our favourites
from the equally wicked and inspiring AW18 Collection?





GucciNew Short Bootcut Pant

Women's Gucci New Short Bootcut Pant
€ 565,57 Including tax and shipping

GucciRuffle Shirt

Women's Gucci Ruffle Shirt
€ 901,64 Including tax and shipping

GucciPuff Jacket

Women's Gucci Puff Jacket
€ 2.049,18 Including tax and shipping


Women's Gucci Sneaker
€ 983,61 Including tax and shipping

GucciMilitary Cotton Drill Emb .Pant

Women's Gucci Military Cotton Drill Emb .Pant
€ 401,64 Including tax and shipping

GucciKnit W/Stripes & Double G

Women's Gucci Knit W/Stripes & Double G
€ € 729,51 Including tax and shipping

GucciMartins Nylon Ciran Leather Shoes

Women's Gucci Martins Nylon Ciran Leather Shoes
€ 614,75 Including tax and shipping

GucciScarf Dimons 135X135

Women's Gucci Scarf Dimons 135X135
€ 401,64 Including tax and shipping
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