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Friday, October 12, 2018



A new video project: The Delivery Man


The new video project by Prada: The Delivery Man, by director Ryan Hope.

The combination between the Italian Maison and the world of cinema continues, this time, in the spotlight there’s:

the Prada Cahier bag, the real star of the three fashion films. "Cahier", which in French means "diary" is a tribute to a collection of ideas, stories and realities collected by JK Simmons aka The Delivery Man, the Oscar-winning actor, who plays the contemporary hero who stars in every episode. At his side are three female wonders who embody the different identities of Prada women, all unique, united by the expectation of a special delivery, by The Delivery Man.

Will the protagonist succeed in carrying out his precious missions?

For the moment, let us show you exclusively the first episode, Midnight Request.But to see the second, Woman's Best Friend, and the third episode, Priorities of Love, we must wait until October 13th and 15th. Stay connected and in the meantime enjoy our selection for you.






PradaDiagramme Shoulder Bag

Women's Prada Diagramme Shoulder Bag
€ 1.229,51 Including tax and shipping

PradaCrossbody City Calf

Women's Prada Crossbody City Calf
€ 1.024,59 Including tax and shipping

PradaElektra Shoulder Bag

Women's Prada Elektra Shoulder Bag
€ 1.475,41 Including tax and shipping


Women's Prada Diagramme Camera Bag
€ 696,72 Including tax and shipping

PradaSaffiano Lux Crossbody

Women's Prada Saffiano Lux Crossbody
€ 1.024,59 Including tax and shipping

PradaPatch E

Women's Prada Patch E
€ 1.598,36 Including tax and shipping

PradaElektra Shoulder Bag

Women's Prada Elektra Shoulder Bag
€ 1.393,44 Including tax and shipping

PradaMonochrome Shoulder Bag

Women's Prada Monochrome Shoulder Bag
€ 1.434,43 Including tax and shipping
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