London - Milan - Paris SS19

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

London - Milan - Paris SS19


London fashion week ended yesterday afternoon with Burberry, a sure way to keep us hooked until the last minute. We couldn’t wait to see what Italian stylist Riccardo Tisci had made of our timeless Burberry as their newly appointed Cheif Creative Director, we sure weren’t disappointed. All we’d had so far were glimpses of a partnership with British Art Director Peter Saville, and whispers of the words ‘new’, ‘print’ and ‘logo’ – which, when talking about Burberry, made us Oh So Curious…


Burberry hasn’t been the only one in the spotlight for the Spring/Summer 2019 show, Victoria Beckham celebrates a 10-year career by choosing London Fashion Week over it’s rival in New York. The Guardian said the show "oozed confidence", with Beckham having perfected her formula of "grown-up polish with a palatable amount of edginess".


The best bit – London Fashion Week September 2018 will go down in history as the first ever STRICTLY NO FUR.


Meanwhile we’re getting ready for Milan Fashion week and there’s so much to look forward to.

165 collections, 60 fashion shows, 80 presentations, 2 presentations by appointment and 44 events on the calendar, we’ve got our eye on Versace, GCDS, MSGM, Prada and Fendi…it’s going to be a busy week!




BurberryRichmond Rainwear

Women's Burberry Richmond Rainwear
€ 1352,46 Including tax and shipping

BurberrySacha Dress

Women's Burberry Sacha Dress
€ 729,51 Including tax and shipping

BurberryWalsham Pullover

Women's Burberry Walsham Pullover
€ 483,61 Including tax and shipping


Women's Burberry Rucksack
€ 1057,38 Including tax and shipping

BurberryHampstead Rainwear

Women's Burberry Hampstead Rainwear
€ 729,51 Including tax and shipping

BurberryAlexander Shirt

Women's Burberry Alexander Shirt
€ 241,80 Including tax and shipping


Women's Burberry Rucksack
€ 893,44 Including tax and shipping

BurberryAllostock Boot

Women's Burberry Allostock Boot
€ 450,82 Including tax and shipping
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