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Gucci, the iconic luxury fashion brand founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, 1921 and now part of the Kering group, is having the time of its life thanks to the creativity and the brand positioning cured by its new "Creative Director" Alessandro Michele. Its romance, the story behind every piece of each collection, the cure of details and the innovative sense of "trend" guided by eccentric fantasies, makes Gucci one of the most desired high-end brand of these years. Discover Spinnaker Boutique’s selection of Gucci’s latest arrivals.

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Gucci Maxi Shirt

White Maxi Shirt In Linen/Flax By Gucci, 611468/Zkl02

€ 803,28 € 802,48

Gucci Dress Cady

Pink & Purple Dress Cady In Silk By Gucci, 622982/Zad88

€ 1.475,41 € 1.473,93

Gucci Jacket Retro Tweed

Black Jacket Retro Tweed In Wool By Gucci, 621196/Zaak4

€ 1.385,25 € 1.383,86

Gucci L/S Dress Jersey

Pink & Purple L/S Dress Jersey By Gucci, 623423/Xjci8

€ 1.147,54 € 1.146,39

Gucci Flare Cropped Pants

Blue Flare Cropped Pants In Silk By Gucci, 621941/Zad88

€ 729,51 € 728,78

Gucci GG Marmont Belt

Black Gg Marmont Belt In Calf Leather By Gucci, 409417/0Ya0O

€ 229,51

Gucci Skirt

White Skirt In Viscose By Gucci, 575663/Z8Adk

€ 1.393,44 € 1.393,30

Gucci Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt In Silk By Gucci, 427018/Zga35

€ 803,28 € 803,20

Gucci Dress

Red Dress In Wool By Gucci, 595330/Zhm88

€ 1.967,21 € 1.967,01

Gucci Jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuit In Wool By Gucci, 595258/Zhm88

€ 2.049,18

Gucci Pant

Black Pant In Wool By Gucci, 595172/Zhm88

€ 696,72 € 696,65

Gucci Trousers

Trousers In Wool By Gucci, 595374/Zacf3

€ 696,72 € 696,65

Gucci Gg Marmont Belt 50Mm

Pink & Purple Gg Marmont Belt 50Mm In Calf Leather By Gucci, 563696/Ap00G

€ 450,82

Gucci Gg Marmont Belt 50Mm

Black Gg Marmont Belt 50Mm In Calf Leather By Gucci, 563696/Ap00G

€ 450,82
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