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Summery and floral or classy and clean plain dress? It doesn't matter. We have what you need: from the fun and eccentric Dolce and Gabbana printed dresses to the perfect lines of a Brunello Cucinelli dress. Not only an item, the dress is part of a woman, it completes and valorise the best part of her, with a strong romance and irresistible charm. Discover the Spinnaker boutique  women's dresses selection:

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Saint Laurent Jane 1 Dress

Nude & Neutrals Jane 1 Dress In Cotton By Saint Laurent, 646374Yavs2

975,41 €

Michael Kors Sig Logo Print Dress

Blue Sig Logo Print Dress By Michael Kors, Mh08Zjsgav

225,41 €

Prada Re-Nylon Dress

Black Re-Nylon Dress In Polyamide By Prada, 230652_1Yqt_S_211

1.229,51 €

Chloe` Dress

Yellow & Orange Dress In Viscose By Chloe`, Chc21Sro02331

1.549,18 €

Brunello Cucinelli Sleveless Dress

Nude & Neutrals Sleveless Dress In Cotton By Brunello Cucinelli, Mh827Abq41

778,69 €

Pinko Vigoroso Dress

Black Vigoroso Dress In Viscose By Pinko, 1G15Qz.8421

200,82 €

Elisabetta Franchi Dress

Pink & Purple Dress In Viscose By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab05211

459,02 €

Givenchy Dress

Blue Dress In Cotton By Givenchy, Bw212T30Dx

811,48 €

Givenchy Shirt Dress

Black Shirt Dress In Silk By Givenchy, Bw213012Eh

1.139,34 €

Alaia Sleeveless Long Dress

Black Sleeveless Long Dress In Viscose By Alaia, Aa9R2125Lm605

2.131,15 €

Stella Mccartney Compact Knit All In One

Black Compact Knit All In One In Viscose By Stella Mccartney, 602879S2076

1.106,56 €

Stella Mccartney Celeste Dress

Black Celeste Dress In Viscose By Stella Mccartney, 602931Sna28

1.307,38 €

Elisabetta Franchi Dress With Belt

Black Dress With Belt In Polyester By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab08211

434,43 €

Elisabetta Franchi Dress

Multicolour Dress In Polyamide By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab03711

467,21 €

Pinko Riposato 2 Dress Cdc St. Fiore

Black Riposato 2 Dress Cdc St. Fiore In Polyester By Pinko, 1G164G.8460

151,64 €

Philosophy Dress

Black Dress In Cotton By Philosophy, 0483.0703

315,57 €

Ermanno Scervino Lingerie Chemisiere

Multicolour Chemisiere In Linen/Flax By Ermanno Scervino Lingerie, D384K304Xlg

397,54 €

Ermanno Scervino Lingerie Kaftan

Black Kaftan In Cotton By Ermanno Scervino Lingerie, D384K305Mul

479,51 €

Philosophy Dress

White Dress In Cotton By Philosophy, 0440.0744

475,41 €

Saint Laurent Dress

Nude & Neutrals Dress In Silk By Saint Laurent, 644222Y3C07

1.877,05 €

Zimmermann The Lovestruck Buttoned Tunic

Multicolour The Lovestruck Buttoned Tunic In Linen/Flax By Zimmermann, 9718Dand

733,61 €

Twin Set Dress

Multicolour Dress In Viscose By Twin Set, 202Tp3502

172,13 €

Tory Burch Broderie Midi Beach Tunic

Black Broderie Midi Beach Tunic In Cotton By Tory Burch, 80412

360,66 €

Alexander Mcqueen Asym Shirt Dress

White Asym Shirt Dress In Cotton By Alexander Mcqueen, 650180Qaaac

1.385,25 €
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