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Summery and floral or classy and clean plain dress? It doesn't matter. We have what you need: from the fun and eccentric Dolce and Gabbana printed dresses to the perfect lines of a Brunello Cucinelli dress. Not only an item, the dress is part of a woman, it completes and valorise the best part of her, with a strong romance and irresistible charm. Discover the Spinnaker boutique  women's dresses selection:

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Twin Set Dress

€ 139,34

Valentino Dress

€ 1.885,25

Prada Dress

€ 1.188,52

Gucci Dress Cady

€ 1.475,41

Versace Dress

€ 1.131,15

Gucci Dress

€ 2.442,62
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