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Summery and floral or classy and clean plain dress? It doesn't matter. We have what you need: from the fun and eccentric Dolce and Gabbana printed dresses to the perfect lines of a Brunello Cucinelli dress. Not only an item, the dress is part of a woman, it completes and valorise the best part of her, with a strong romance and irresistible charm. Discover the Spinnaker boutique  women's dresses selection:

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Bottega Veneta Ribs Sweater

Grey Ribs Sweater In Wool By Bottega Veneta, 664857V17R0

901,64 €

Bottega Veneta Ribs Dress

Black Ribs Dress In Wool By Bottega Veneta, 664144V0Z90

1.352,46 €

Alexander Mcqueen Hybrid Shirt Dress

White Hybrid Shirt Dress In Cotton By Alexander Mcqueen, 661546Qaaay

1.631,15 €

Stella Mccartney Marissa Dress

Pink & Purple Marissa Dress In Silk By Stella Mccartney, 603636Sy206

942,62 €

Valentino Dress

White Dress In Cotton By Valentino, Wb3Vawe06H5

2.213,11 €

Twin Set Long Dress Animalier

Multicolour Long Dress Animalier By Twin Set, 212Tp2100

318,03 €

Elisabetta Franchi Ribbed-Knit Mini Dress

Black Ribbed-Knit Mini Dress In Viscose By Elisabetta Franchi, Am52S16E2

319,67 €

Elisabetta Franchi Dress With Belt

Nude & Neutrals Dress With Belt In Polyester By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab16316E2

483,61 €

Dolce & Gabbana Dresses

Blue Dresses In Wool By Dolce & Gabbana, F6Q4Zzfu2Tz

2.254,10 €

Elisabetta Franchi Puff-Shoulder Mini Dress

Black Puff-Shoulder Mini Dress In Polyester By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab08316E2

278,69 €

Fendi Dress Karligraphy

Pink & Purple Dress Karligraphy In Wool By Fendi, Fzd914Ahe9

1.221,31 €

Stella Mccartney `Forever` Stella Knit-Dress

Grey `Forever` Stella Knit-Dress In Wool By Stella Mccartney, 603688S2254

614,75 €

Aniye By Mini Dress Tula

Multicolour Mini Dress Tula By Aniye By, 181267

179,51 €

Twin Set Knit Dress With Studs

Black Knit Dress With Studs By Twin Set, 212Tp3040

203,28 €

Michael Kors Zebra Mini Dress

White Zebra Mini Dress In Cotton By Michael Kors, Mu1802I2Kr

184,43 €

Elisabetta Franchi Denim Dress

Blue Denim Dress In Cotton By Elisabetta Franchi, Aj23S16E2

336,07 €

Pinko Percorrere Dress

Black Percorrere Dress In Polyester By Pinko, 1Q109S.8630

213,11 €

Aniye By Dress Love

Multicolour Dress Love By Aniye By, 181208

151,64 €

Patrizia Pepe Dress

Black Dress In Viscose By Patrizia Pepe, 8A0873/A9J3

195,08 €

Alaia S/S Long Dress

White S/S Long Dress In Silk By Alaia, Aa9R0937Lt377

2.786,89 €

Aniye By Bustier Margot

Yellow & Orange Bustier Margot By Aniye By, 181391

204,10 €

Elisabetta Franchi Puff-Shoulder Mini Dress

Pink & Purple Puff-Shoulder Mini Dress In Polyester By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab08316E2

278,69 €

Givenchy Short Dress Crepe De Chine

Black Short Dress Crepe De Chine In Silk By Givenchy, Bw215212Eh

975,41 €

Aniye By Midi Dress Tula

Multicolour Midi Dress Tula By Aniye By, 181359

179,51 €

Aniye By Jimi Dress

Multicolour Jimi Dress By Aniye By, 181403

163,11 €

Tory Burch Artist Dress

Blue Artist Dress In Cotton By Tory Burch, 79813

385,25 €

Elisabetta Franchi Belt Dress

Brown Belt Dress In Polyester By Elisabetta Franchi, Ab09216E2

434,43 €

Elisabetta Franchi Contrasting-Trim Knit Dress

Pink & Purple Contrasting-Trim Knit Dress In Wool By Elisabetta Franchi, Am35S16E2

377,05 €

Givenchy Short Dress 4G All Over Print

Black Short Dress 4G All Over Print In Silk By Givenchy, Bw215213Ua

1.057,38 €

Valentino Dress

Black Dress In Silk By Valentino, Wb3Vaw906Fr

2.295,08 €

Miu Miu Satin+Crochet Dress Look 4

Nude & Neutrals Satin+Crochet Dress Look 4 In Silk By Miu Miu, Mf4424_1Zrb

2.950,82 €

Twin Set Dress Punto Milano

Multicolour Dress Punto Milano By Twin Set, 212Tp2065

139,34 €

Brunello Cucinelli Long Dress

Grey Long Dress In Cashmere By Brunello Cucinelli, Ml896A4843

2.704,92 €

Blugirl Dress

Multicolour Dress In Polyamide By Blugirl, Rh1013T0096

118,85 €

Dolce & Gabbana Dresses

Black Dresses In Viscose By Dolce & Gabbana, F6R6Mtfugkg

1.106,56 €

Tory Burch Silk Tunic Dress

Nude & Neutrals Silk Tunic Dress In Silk By Tory Burch, 81629

540,98 €
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