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The Italian maison Valentino, founded by Valentino Garavani in 1957 and now under the creative lead of Pierpaolo Piccioli, is the perfect combine between the classic elegance inherited by the brand itself and the new research of the modern lines following the contemporary fashion innovation. Once owned a Valentino, it won't be possible to get tired of the timeless charm and elegance of a Valentino dress. Give it a trendy touch with the iconic rockstud mood or the coolest sneaker of the italian luxury top brand.  

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Valentino Caftano

Multicolour Caftano In Cotton By Valentino, Vb3Abg657A0

$ 1,451.89

Valentino Pant

Black Pant In Cotton By Valentino, Vb3Rb49067T

$ 1,071.87

Valentino Dress

Yellow & Orange Dress In Silk By Valentino, Vb3Vav8067G

$ 3,410.49

Valentino Top

Blue Top In Silk By Valentino, Vb3Ae5M667V

$ 1,549.34

Valentino L/S Shirt

Multicolour L/S Shirt In Cotton By Valentino, Vb3Abg607A0

$ 1,354.45

Valentino Skirt

Yellow & Orange Skirt In Cotton By Valentino, Vb3Ra7J16An

$ 1,169.32

Valentino Over Shirt With Buckle

Grey Over Shirt With Buckle By Valentino, Uv0Abf2025S

$ 672.35 $ 336.17

Valentino Print Anemoni S/S T-Shirt

Multicolour Print Anemoni S/S T-Shirt In Cotton By Valentino, Vv0Mg09S7Ep

$ 574.92

Valentino Macramé Pocket Hoodie

Black Macramé Pocket Hoodie In Cotton By Valentino, Vv0Mf15P7Fc

$ 954.94

Valentino Pant

Black Pant In Silk By Valentino, Vb3Rb4551Mm

$ 1,257.01

Valentino Pants Loose

White Pants Loose In Cotton By Valentino, Vv3Rbg2540Y

$ 633.38

Valentino Socks

White Socks By Valentino, Pb3Ki01D3Td

$ 87.7 $ 35.08

Valentino S/S Shirt Vltn Multi

White S/S Shirt Vltn Multi In Cotton By Valentino, Vv3Aaa90Mbk

$ 535.93

Valentino Shirt Embroidered

Multicolour Shirt Embroidered In Cotton By Valentino, Vb3Aaa907A2

$ 1,929.36

Valentino L/S Shirt

Black L/S Shirt In Cotton By Valentino, Vb0Ab2414Hp

$ 1,744.22

Valentino Pant

Red Pant In Silk By Valentino, Vb3Rb4551Mm

$ 1,257.01

Valentino Pant

Pink & Purple Pant In Silk By Valentino, Vb3Rb4551Mm

$ 1,257.01

Valentino Trousers

Black Trousers In Wool By Valentino, Vv3Rbg0171K

$ 633.38

Valentino Print Anemoni Hoodie

Multicolour Print Anemoni Hoodie In Cotton By Valentino, Vv0Mf18E7Em

$ 1,266.75

Valentino Windbreaker Vltn

Black Windbreaker Vltn In Polyamide By Valentino, Vv3Ci368Dma

$ 1,257.01

Valentino Top

Red Top In Silk By Valentino, Sb3Ae01U4N6

$ 1,071.87 $ 535.93

Valentino Trousers

White Trousers By Valentino, Qb0Rb2U14B2

$ 672.35 $ 268.94

Valentino S/S Shirt Vltn Times

Black S/S Shirt Vltn Times In Cotton By Valentino, Vv3Aab756G5

$ 730.81

Valentino Bermuda Roman Skecthes

Multicolour Bermuda Roman Skecthes In Cotton By Valentino, Vv3Rd56275N

$ 1,071.87
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