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SHOP THE LOOK | Tailored Street Style

SHOP THE LOOK | Tailored Street Style

SHOP THE LOOK | Tailored Street Style

Classic vintage with streetwear? When talking about Off-White, nothing is impossible. Once again Virgil Abloh manages to create something for everyone and this outfit is proof of it. The tailored single-breasted coat paired with the skirt reminds us of classic suits of the past, in the same fabric. We can't forget the fantastic Jitney shoulder bag in glossy black leather with the iconic Off-White logo, a contemporary classic with vintage lines, Virgil leaves nothing to chance.


Off-White Coat

Men's Off-White | Coat r

Off-WhiteBoyfriends t-shirt

Men's Off-White | Boyfriends t-shirt

Off White Skirt

Men's Off White | Skirt

Off-White Jitney

Men's Off White | Bag Jitney
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