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SHOP THE LOOK | New Trend: Leggins

SHOP THE LOOK | New Trend: Leggins



SHOP THE LOOK | New Trend: Leggis

Comfortable, practical and easy to wear inside and outside the home, leggings are the strongest spring 2021 trend of all. If you've run out of outfit ideas that include every variation of leggings, hoodies and long sweaters in your wardrobe then keep reading … All you need? A pair of dark sports leggings and a bit of imagination. Here you can find them in the total black version of Off-White combined with the super versatile Burberry trench coat in its classic check pattern, imagine styling with sneakers for the afternoon and in the evening a patent ankle boot, for an immediate and decisive change of look. Which do you prefer?






Men's Burberry Cowbit Jacket


Men's Off-White Bra


Men's Off-White Leggins

Off-White3.0 Off Court

Men's Off White 3.0 Off Court
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