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Call the prairie girl inside you (or the wild rider, if you prefer) and take her to the city, the asphalt jungle, for a street style that winks flirtingly at the old West. The pass to play the part? Texas boots, of course! Yes, the legendary Camperos models are definitely back in fashion.

The boots have become a must for every season, but this autumn winter 2019 - 2020 fashion show makes them true protagonists in all their forms.

They have never completely disappeared and now they are back in revised and corrected versions. Yes corrected, because the Texan-style boots once worn by cowboys are now experiencing a new light that makes them super feminine.

Forget the classic and leather models for a moment - in particular thos shades ranging from brown to cognac. This season the camperos are dipped in pastel nuances, they welcome the purest white with joy and shout yes to studs - in the rockstar version - but also to the glitter and metallic shades to shine through the night. The aim? To face the urban jungle with a style that focuses on the mix & match. Take note though: to be cool during the autumn months, mixing and matching colors with patterns is not enough, you must also experiment with different styles and you’ll find that among the most glamorous and irresistible clothes sprout these must-haves.

Country and Texan inspired styles are remixed to create a whole new feel: romantic and bon ton. Here are the Texans to show off all day long!




Golden GooseSunset Flowers Boots

Women's Golden Goose Sunset Flowers Boots
€ 614,75

MexicanaTexan Boots

Women's Mexicana Texan Boots
€ 512,30

Golden GooseStar Boots

Women's Golden Goose Star Boots
€ 647,54

MexicanaTexan Boots

Women's Mexicana Texan Boots
€ 286,89