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Palm Angels | Drop 2

Palm Angels | Drop 2

Founded in 2015 and based in Milan, Palm Angels is the brand that followed the reportage photo book of the lifestyle and subculture of young skaters in L.A.
Most recently, Francesco Ragazzi debuted his Palm Angels Fall / Winter 2021 collection, emphasizing new concept graphics by highlighting "Spray Heart", "Palm Bear" and "F&F" artwork. The "Spray Heart" is a vibrant and charming design that incorporates the distinctive brand and qualities of graffiti. The "Palm Bear" was initially introduced in the fall of 2019, but has become a sought-after style that perfectly balances the preppy and rough around the edges Palm Angels street style. Finally, making its debut this season, the "F&F" graphic focuses on simplistic text and is the first graphic that does not include images.





Palm AngelsT-shirt

Men's Palm Angels Stars And Palms Tee

Palm AngelsT-shirt

Men's Palm Angels

Palm AngelsNight Camo Jacket

Men's Palm Angels Night Camo Jacket

Palm AngelsNight Camo Pants

Men's Palm Angels Night Camo Pants
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