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Marsèll was founded in 2001 as the expression of a new
craft culture. Shoes are the focus of a line of research
devoted to pushing the boundaries of tradition, within the
counterculture deconstruction movement. An exercise in
pure creativity: a sketch is transformed into an accessory
through the skilful and intelligent shaping of materials.
The objective is the creation of timeless and iconic
objects that speak to those unwilling to be bound by a
specific genre.

With intimate knowledge of the best raw materials, an
eye for balancing different elements, and direct control
over production, Marsèll has established its excellence
worldwide. The brand’s character is defined by the forms
and finishes of its products - contrasting shades, raw cuts,
different textures -, all created in the in-house atelier.
The use of innovative techniques alongside methods almost
lost to memory results in unique nonindustrial objects,
original and informal in both look and substance. Every
piece is strictly handmade by the expert men and women at
the Marsèll workshop in the Riviera del Brenta Area, near
Venice, Italy.

Knowledge and creativity are central to the brand’s values
and, unsurprisingly, Marsèll has actively supported young
artists since it was established, through Marsèlleria,
a multidisciplinary exhibition space that has a core
role within the brand communication strategy. For over a
decade, the non-profit project has produced exhibitions,
performances, and different art ventures, honouring the
utmost freedom of expression in its authenticity.



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