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Herno focuses on a clearly outlined 'Green' future, so much so that during the Milan Fashion Week it enclosed and presented a collection that answers the question "How many ways do we have to be sustainable?". An invitation to the sustainable refinement of materials and garments within a recognizable container, already as a label: Herno Globe. Among the proposals of the FW 2020-21 Women's collection, Herno presents and invites you to discover 6 ways:

-Fast5Degradable, nylon created from polyamide 6.6 Amni Soul Eco® yarn is currently an international Herno exclusive, in which the complete degradation process takes only 5 years compared to 50 for common nylon.

-Recycled mélange wool, deriving from waste materials from the textile industries, a return to the past for the oversized coat and the pea coat with knitted edges.

-Nylon Recycled Onibegie, not only recovered from industrial nylon waste but also with the Saitos membrane, composed largely of biological material deriving from corn. The dyes are instead made with 50% of components of natural origin such as onion peel, bamboo charcoal, indigo leaves and olives for the different nuances.

-100% Econyl® regenerated nylon, fiber produced using pre- and post-consumer waste deriving from disused fishing nets and industrial waste of fabrics destined for landfill.

-First Act, PEF project - Product Environmental Footprint - the certification of the mapping of the entire life cycle of a Herno garment that verifies and formalizes the environmental impact from production to the packaging of the final garment.

-Recycled Taffeta, derived from industrial waste materials and plastic bottles, with Herno it also becomes technically resistant to rain.


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Herno Ultralight Down Jacket

women's Herno Ultralight Down Jacket

HernoBomber Fast5Degradable

Men's Herno Bomber Fast5Degradable

HernoDown Bomber Jacket With Wool

Men's Herno Down Bomber Jacket With Wool

Herno Biodegradable Bomber Jacket

Men's Herno Biodegradable Bomber Jacket
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