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Founded in Paris in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, the French maison is now a consolidated reality in the international fashion system. Givenchy maintains its heritage evolving its lines constantly according to the new city and urban trends. Givenchy’s new collection is a mix of charm and elegance and strong and powerful print. Spinnaker Boutique offers you the best selection of the newest Givenchy arrivals to stay on trend.

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Givenchy Lock Ankle Boot

Black Lock Ankle Boot In Calf Leather By Givenchy, Bh6031H0Vl

1.024,59 €

Givenchy Mix Jersey Leather Blouson

Black Mix Jersey Leather Blouson In Viscose By Givenchy, Bm00Ql611V

2.040,98 €

Givenchy Knitwear Sweater Cashmere

Black Knitwear Sweater Cashmere In Cashmere By Givenchy, Bw90Cu4Z9S

811,48 €

Givenchy Coat Double Face 4G

Grey Coat Double Face 4G In Wool By Givenchy, Bwc09213Qy

2.040,98 €

Givenchy Printed Boxy Fi Shirt

White Printed Boxy Fi Shirt In Cotton By Givenchy, Bm60Pk109F

401,64 €

Givenchy Down Jacket

Grey Down Jacket In Polyamide By Givenchy, Bw00Ct13Q3

1.631,15 €

Givenchy Roundneck Sweater With Zip Detail

Black Roundneck Sweater With Zip Detail In Viscose By Givenchy, Bw90Cy4Z9W

1.057,38 €

Givenchy Boxy Fit Shirt

White Boxy Fit Shirt In Cotton By Givenchy, Bm60Pb12Q0

483,61 €

Givenchy Bedford 4G Flat Mule

Black Bedford 4G Flat Mule In Lamb Skin By Givenchy, Be2012E130

368,85 €

Givenchy T-Shirt

Yellow & Orange T-Shirt In Polyamide By Givenchy, Bw70913Z5L

483,61 € 290,17 €

Givenchy Skirt

Black Skirt In Wool By Givenchy, Bw40H113Qb

811,48 € 486,89 €

Givenchy Used Vintage Jeans

Blue Used Vintage Jeans In Cotton By Givenchy, Bw50Q550N5

975,41 €

Givenchy Giv 1 Sock Sneaker Logo

Black Giv 1 Sock Sneaker Logo In Polyester By Givenchy, Be001Xe122

569,67 €

Givenchy Relax Trousers

Black Relax Trousers In Wool By Givenchy, Bm50V913Pw

647,54 €

Givenchy Outerwear Nylon Garment Dyed

Pink & Purple Outerwear Nylon Garment Dyed In Polyamide By Givenchy, Bw00Cs13T2

975,41 €

Givenchy Embroidered Hoodie

Black Embroidered Hoodie In Cotton By Givenchy, Bmj0C93Y69

778,69 €

Givenchy Slim Fit Trousers

Black Slim Fit Trousers In Cotton By Givenchy, Bm50Wb3Y6U

696,72 €

Givenchy Slimfit Trousers

Black Slimfit Trousers In Wool By Givenchy, Bm50Xm13Mp

614,75 €

Givenchy Pandora Bag

Black Pandora Bag In Goat Skin By Givenchy, Bk508Fk17S

1.106,56 €

Givenchy Pandora Small Bag

Grey Pandora Small Bag In Goat Skin By Givenchy, Bb50J3B00B

1.188,52 €

Givenchy 4G Light Bucket Bag Nylon

Black 4G Light Bucket Bag Nylon In Polyamide By Givenchy, Bb50Htb147

647,54 €

Givenchy Antigona Lock Mini Bag

Black Antigona Lock Mini Bag In Calf Leather By Givenchy, Bb50J0B00D

1.221,31 €

Givenchy Dress

Black Dress In Polyester By Givenchy, Bw21323Z4N

1.221,31 € 732,79 €

Givenchy Urban Street Sneaker

Red Urban Street Sneaker In Calf Leather By Givenchy, Be0005E0Eb

389,34 €
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